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Other Stuff
Key bindings

You can define a key binding for QuoteCollapse by using the Keyconfig extension. The necessary code to execute on a keypress is as follows:

var messageDocument = QuoteCollapse._messagePane.contentDocument;
bq = messageDocument.getElementsByTagName("blockquote").item(0);
if( ! bq ) return;
var newstate= ! QuoteCollapse._getState(bq);
QuoteCollapse._setTree(messageDocument, newstate);

In future versions of QuoteCollapse there will be a special utility function QuoteCollapse.Toggle() which accomplishes the same.


The style that QuoteCollapse applies by default is equivalent to the following:

blockquote[type="cite"] {
  background-image: url("chrome://quotecollapse/skin/twisty-clsd.png");
  background-repeat: no-repeat;
  background-position: top left;
  max-height: 2.25ex;
  padding-bottom: 0px ! important;
  overflow: -moz-hidden-unscrollable;

blockquote[type="cite"][qctoggled="true"] {
  background-image: url("chrome://quotecollapse/skin/twisty-open.png");
  max-height: none;
  overflow: visible;

Therefore, you can style everything through your userContent.css. You can edit this file by hand or using the ChromeEdit extension. Note that you have to use the "important" flag to override the default settings. Note also the use of BODY.mailview which ensures that the style is applied when viewing mails only (not in the editor).

Note, up to QuoteCollapse v0.9 the default styles used CSS height property instead of max-height. If you upgrade from that version you'll need to adjust old customizations like: height: automax-height: none, and replace other height usages for max-height.

The quotecollapse project can be contacted through the Issue Tracker or Pull Requests.
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