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What's New
  • Please switch for continued support: code and functionality has been integrated into Quote Colors & Collapse for TB 91+
  • [Site layout broken by MozDev, I know]
  • Version 2.0 adds compatibility with TB 68+
  • Version 1.0 adds partial collapsing
  • Version 0.9 adds support for SeaMonkey
  • Git interface
  • Version 0.8 adds support for Thunderbird 3.0
  • Description for keybinding.
  • Version 0.7 adds support for Thunderbird 1.5
  • Version 0.6 adds support for Thunderbird 1.5b
  • Version 0.5 adds theme support and a smaller hotspot
Other Stuff

If you have ever been bothered by excessive quotes in e-mails or newsgroup posts (especially in mailing list mirrors), this is the extension for you. It automatically collapses all quotes, and expands them again on a click. Hold down SHIFT while clicking, and all quotes contained in the current one will be collapsed/expanded. Hold down CTRL, and all quotes of the same nesting level will be toggled. Hold down CTRL and SHIFT, and all quotes will be toggled. See Customising if you want a key binding for QuoteCollapse.

How it works

The extension toggles a CSS attribute of quotes, so that the style can be switched using CSS. Note that this implies:

To do

Feel free to tell me your suggestions through the Issue Tracker or Pull Requests. My current plans are:

The quotecollapse project can be contacted through the Issue Tracker or Pull Requests.
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